"Hi! I am ROBOTI. I will deliver coffee at your desk"

Coffee at your desk.

The robot is social so you speak to a
real person not a bot over video.
It is fully operated by human 100% of time.

Roboti's Specifications

Our robots are being designed from the ground-up using Iterative and Incremental development process. The prototypes are being designed to be energy and cost-efficient. Many of the components of the robots are fabricated with 3D printing technology.

Core Technologies

Field of view

We include wide-angle cameras to allow detecting obstacles which wouldn't fit into the field of view of a normal lens.

Long-term vision

As the prototypes of the robot iterate, we gradually increase the amount of tasks that are automated, with the intention to create the future of delivery logistics.

Odometry readings

When the robot moves for a period of time in indoor spaces, its new position can be determined by odometry. Having knowledge of this type of data helps us automate more and more tasks.